A Plea For A Night Desert Blue Moon Storm

by yek koo



"Yek Koo 'A Plea For A Night Desert Blue Moon Storm' – Santur, Setar, vocals, computer and tape machine set free in the valleys and canyons of suburban Los Angeles.

This is a CD of automatic devotional streams like curtains of rain. This is a CD of stringed gamelan rituals punked onto suburban night skies. There is a rush of suspension, that moment, the stage-diver propelled out above the crowd conscious only of impulse and impact.

Imagine if the sensation of acceleration could be slowed to a crawl. Imagine the locus of will and movement (cf. Charlemagne Palestine, the thin weave of Argon-era Skullflower). There is a surface that breaks upon the impact of will and duration, untether yourself, beneath this river you will hear an absent orchestra, strings rubbed raw by computers, one mountain beset by heavy rains.

Living electricity has its own history which Yek Koo is breathing into the Santur and Setar. It is the animating power made manifest. It spreads in concentric waves, freeing electrons in its path. Again, untether yourself – we are but simple engineers, pressing buttons, turning keys, undoing locks - to be lost, to be pulled in and under by the current of ritual overtones – this is where the true spirit begins." - Andrew Scott


released October 1, 2007



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