Psychic Atonement For Land Deaths

by yek koo

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"Music is prayer, this much we know. All music of any worth is religious in one of two senses: devotional or shamanistic. Devotional being from inside out (offering), shamanistic being from the outside in (channeling). This album is the marriage of both. Pedal steel, vocals and synthesizer channel an earth rent by human migrations. An earth scarred by sentience and culture uses both sentience and culture to voice its distress - this is shamanism. The shaman prepares an album. Using the dual vehicles of sentience and culture, a libation is prepared, prayer spills out of the speakers of the few, seeking the many…. Using the sword to cure the wound. This is the offering. Who are we but strands in the tapestry of stars? To appreciate this savage irony is the best we can do, is all we can offer. This is psychic atonement for land deaths." - Andrew Scott


released September 20, 2008

Released on Foxy Digitalis



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